Sms monitoring

Every parent should be aware about what is sent to the kid’s phone through SMS. The problem is the high rates of cyber crimes made by sending spam messages from providers and having full access on the device. The hackers are here concerned about the kid’s online safety. It`s time to think about the sms monitoring spy app. Phonyspy was developed to track all the necessary information about the person needed. Let’s learn more about it!

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View incoming, outgoing & deleted messages

View incoming, outgoing & deleted messages

  • Get access to the SMS conversations. Find out the most commonly used ones. Learn more about the hidden chats and the deleted ones.

  • Phonyspy can gather the data from the SMS every few minutes. Such terms allow you to get fresh updates in real-time mode.

  • See the real-time information about the person with whom your target communicates right now. Phonyspy app provides you with screenshots every few minutes.

  • Log on to your dashboard and find out the tables with data of the most commonly used contacts. Find the deleted conversations and those that were set to the silent mode.

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How it works

Select a subscription plan

Select a subscription plan and register

Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive further instructions.

Set up the application

Set up the application

The iOS targeted device doesn’t need the app to be installed on it. And the user needs to get 5 minutes physical access to the Android gadget.

Set up the application

Track any info

Go to your account and wait until we start sending data. Enjoy your tracking!

Amanda Person

“It is the first time I use such an app. This SMS tracker app seems to be the most useful purchase! It’s worth every penny. I can text messages on my boyfriend’s cell phone. He has no idea I do it! Why didn`t I use it before?”


Amanda Person

USA, New York

Juke W.

“Phonyspy was selected for my wife’s SMS account monitoring. Her behavior became rather suspicious in the last months. I saw that she deleted something on this messenger. Now I use the SMS spy app and I’m going to learn the truth in the near future.”


Juke W.

Canada, Vancouver

Regina S.

“I was looking for a good parental control app for some months. The installation of one of them was even blocked! And I couldn`t receive my money back! But in the case of Phonyspy I don’t see some cons. The price was pleasant and the service was top level! Thanks!”


Regina S.

USA, Arizona

Norton H.

“My wife started to delay working late at night. I consider it unusual for her to be working. So, I want to see if she doesn’t have any affairs with some coworker. Phonyspy is used for one week. And I had no proof yet. But I’ll get it? I’m sure.”


Norton H.

USA, Iowa


Can the SMS tracker be installed on an iPhone?

When it concerns the SMS monitoring for iPhone, there is no need to place the app on the targeted device. The only thing needed is iOS credentials. Insert them while registration and start the hidden monitoring. The SMS tracker will catch all the typed data and send it in a form of well-structured updates.

How to know if someone is chatting on SMS?

You can monitor SMS messages for the cheater uncovering. The understandable spyware instructions will help you to register and install the app on the person’s device (the iOS gadgets do not need the installation, just the credentials to be known). That’s all. You can track whoever you like.

How to recover deleted SMS?

To recover the deleted messages the user should look through his/her dashboard. All the info from the person’s SMS account will be available there. And the deleted (erised) messages too. By the way, the spyware enables the screenshots each few minutes, that is why all fresh data will be gathered in a proper way. In order not to miss some important details.

Can I read a SMS without the sender knowing?

Of course, the Phonyspy users have the possibility to read the needed person text messages. All the incoming, outcoming and even deleted ones are gathered in the form of tables and reported to the user’s dashboard.