The Phonyspy tracking app offers the most advanced cell phone monitoring features

Our team developed the high-quality cell phone monitoring for parents to try and to feel the new level of the needed information getting.

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History & Call recording

Be aware of all incoming and outgoing calls

History & Call recording
  • The spyware allows to watch out the exact time and duration of the targeted cell phone.

  • Phonyspy allows users to watch out the exact time and duration of the cell phone needed. Find out the most commonly used contacts from the list. Track the frequency of such calls.

  • All the necessary information is gathered into tables or is shown with the screenshots. Get it all to your dashboard.

Messengers monitoring

Track the most popular messengers & social networks

Messengers monitoring
  • Monitor the Whatsapp chats (and even the hidden one) anonymously. All the incoming and outgoing messages are allowed to be read here. Find out the most commonly used for chatting contacts.

  • Look through the Instagram account direct messages. The Phonyspy provides the possibility to read the erased ones too. Get the data in screenshot format sent directly to your dashboard.

  • Get the full access to the Facebook page and messenger application. Learn more about the activity of the targeted person via this messenger. All the incoming, outgoing, and deleted texting can be tracked with Phonyspy.

Sms monitoring

View all incoming & outgoing messages

Sms monitoring
  • The spyware enables it to see every texting mail being sent to the targeted device. No matter if the person deleted it, you may find out the content without problems.

  • The spy application is compatible with all the popular mobile connection providers. The screenshots are made each few minutes.

  • Get the exact information gathered into tables and caught with the screenshots. These data will be sent to your dashboard immediately.

Photos & Videos monitoring

Monitor media on target device

Photos & Videos monitoring
  • You can monitor the online activity of the person on the most popular social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are available to be looking through it.

  • With the help of Phonyspy app you can act like the account owner when it concerns the person media monitoring. The feature of the direct messages reading, adding, and deleting followers, settings changing is possible there.

  • Get all the information via tables and screenshots to your Phonyspy dashboard. It’s an easy and advanced way to keep a finger on the pulse of the person`s online activity.

Browsers tracking

Track any browser activity

Browsers tracking
  • Find out the most commonly used websites on the needed person device with a phone monitoring app. Use the spy application as a tool for detailed monitoring of the cyber activity.

  • See the exact time, the duration of browsing, and the conversions from the particular website.

  • Get the gathered information in tables format. The screenshots are made on the targeted device each 5 minutes and are dispatched to the dashboard too.

Emails tracking

View email correspondence

Emails tracking
  • The email content on the needed phone can be the source of secret information. All the confirmation letters after some payments, mailing from different online shops, etc. Get the full access to this data section.

  • Find out the most common interaction with the different websites via mailing.

  • Read the incoming and outgoing box. The mails that were deleted can be seen as well as the present ones.

  • Get the whole information table to your Phonyspy account dashboard. The monitoring app makes screenshots every five minutes. In order for you not to miss something.

GPS monitoring

Stay informed about the location of the target in real time

GPS monitoring
  • Track the GPS location of the person’s device. Just check the info at your dashboard and get the detailed table.

  • You can not only see the location in real time via a phone monitoring app but also find out the visiting history of the person's cell phone owner.

  • The Phonyspy will inform you every few minutes about the new places on the map. Through the screenshots this data gets to the dashboard.


Log everything that user types, including keystrokes & passwords.

  • The feature of the keyloggers report is the unique possibility to learn all the secret things, concerning personal access.

  • Find out all new passwords and keystrokes being typed by the person.

  • Learn from the first seconds that some new message is being typed on the targeted device.

  • The Phonyspy provides you with all the necessary data via your dashboard. Just log in the account and receive the table (or screenshots).

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How to spy on someone’s text messages without having their phone?

You can have no physical access to the iOS person’s device. The only thing needed are the credentials.

Should parents monitor their kids` cell phones? Is the cell phone monitoring for parents legal?

It is normal when it goes for the kid’s cyber safety, but not for the parent’s curiosity. If you know the exact facts of the risks and dangers for your children while online activity you may use the spyware to make sure that everything is ok.

Is there a way to monitor text messages?

Of course, you can try the usage of the unique improved monitoring app. Just follow the instructions below and get the detailed report about the text messages of the person needed on your dashboard.

What about cell phone monitoring for parents compatibility?

The Phonyspy is absolutely compatible with both iOS and Android phones. The difference in usage will be the physical access needed to the first one, and the credentials to the second.

Can You Monitor a Cell Phone Without Installing Software?

You can act in such a way if the person needs to use the iPhone device. The credentials are the only thing that is needed. And when we speak about the Android - the installation on it is the only way to use the Phonyspy monitoring app.