Browsers tracking

An Internet browser plays the role of an opened window into the world of information. A huge amount of enjoyable content can be found on different websites. But this content can be fully inappropriate for children, for instance. Kids can have the access to adult videos, that transmits violence or sexual topics. With Phonyspy tracking feature parents can find out and even block some sites they consider to be harmful.

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Track browser activity

Track browser activity

  • Monitor all websites the target person visits. You’ll have access to the browser history too.

  • Track the browser activity of your partner, see the exact context he/she is looking for. Get the reports about the most commonly used sites.

  • Get the opportunity to block the websites that you consider to have inappropriate content for your kid.

  • Have all the updated info on your app’s dashboard. The detailed reports are sent every few minutes in forms of screenshots and understandable tables.

Phonyspy users can learn more secrets than other do

Select the proper subscription plan with features you need the most

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How it works

Select a subscription plan

Choose the suitable subscription plan

Select the subsctription plan taht meets with your needs. Proceed the payment and get the detailed instructions.

Set up the application

Start the application set-up process

In case of Android targeted devices get the 5 minutes access to install the Phonyspy app. iOS doesn’t require physical contact.

Track any info

Track any information you need

Feel all the advantages of your tracking!

Ihan Alvarez

“There were times when I used another way to check my kids` online activity. It was some apps that promised to limit some websites to be looked through. But in practice, it worked bad. So, I decided to try something new. And the Phonyspy became the most useful among other similar apps”


Ihan Alvarez

Argentina, San Luis

Nataly Cooperton

“Browser history tracking appeared to be one of the most useful things that I saw in the digital world. Now I know exactly that my husband doesn’t have an affair and he uses no dating apps. For my complacency, I’ll proceed with the Phonyspy usage”


Nataly Cooperton

USA, Georgia

Andrea R. U.

“You know that children like forbidden content. And I want to prevent some problems with my son’s mental health because using that adult content can be harmful to him. That’s why the Phonyspy will help me to limit some websites usage”


Andrea R. U.

Danish, Kolding

Alexa Y.

“My boyfriend started to cheat on me with his co-worker. It was such a disgusting feeling I couldn`t stand it! So, yesterday I ordered my first Phonyspy subscription plan. I want my boyfriend to have no chances to hide secrets from me.”


Alexa Y.

Canada, Calgary


Can the browser tracker be installed on an iPhone?

When it concerns the browser monitoring for iPhone, there is no need to place the app on the targeted device. The only thing needed is iOS credentials. Insert them while registration and start the hidden monitoring. The browser will catch all the typed data and send it in a form of well-structured updates.

Is it safe and secure to have cooperation with your spyware?

Yes, our team provides a high-quality security system. Every action made while the order making will stay among us. We don’t refer your personal data to a third party. Your bank data is used for the payment process only. You can stay calm about anonymity. We’ll try our best to satisfy all the customer’s needs.

How can I get into someone’s browser history without the person getting a notification?

If you decide to start the usage of the spy app, you should know some peculiarities about it. For instance, during spyware usage, the person won’t know you are tracking his/her browser history, because you can act if you are the phone owner. Any notifications about you watching the account from the inside won’t be sent to the person needed. Be sure to stay anonymous.

How to recover deleted browser history?

To recover the browser history the user should look through his/her dashboard. All the info from the person’s browser will be available there. And the deleted links and sites too. By the way, the spyware enables the screenshots each few minutes, that is why all fresh data will be gathered in a proper way. In order not to miss some important details.