Phonyspy unique tracking app

The spyware presents an improved way for someone’s device monitoring.


The spyware was developed in accordance with the newest technologies. Our professional team tried to make it easy-to-use and provide all the usage processes to be smooth. You don’t need to learn some complex instructions before the working start. Just complete the payment process and get all the following steps via your valid email. That’s all!


You can be sure that our cooperation will stay with us. We do not refer your personal data to third parties. The process of monitoring itself will proceed in a hidden mode. The person you decided to track on won’t guess his/her device is being watched from the inside. You can hide the spy app icon on the Android targeted device after it was placed on the cell phone. So, there is no reason to worry about self anonymity!


Phonyspy can allow you to have all the data from the device needed in a real-time mode. The option of screenshots getting as a report to your dashboard enables you to have fresh updates every few minutes. You can see the person’s online social media status, the exact GPS location and all typed texting at the real-time. Phonyspy will help you not to miss any important informational detail from the person’s device.

How it works



Start the registration & Choose the proper plan


Explore features

Meet with a great variety of developed features. Each of them was carefully created to become a useful tool for the future user. The features usage doesn’t require some specific knowledge. It is easy-to-use and understandable.

Create account

Start to insert your personal data on the proper line. Log on the account and proceed the ordering process via further recommendations.

Select a subscription plan

Look through all the packages we prepared for you. We gathered the best mixes of affordable market prices and the best spy product. Just decide what subscription plan suits the most to your expectations.

Complete the payment

Complete the payment process with the comfortable way. Get the instant email confirmation. And start to use Phonyspy best tracking app.



Install the app & Set it up



The installation process is required concerning the Android device usage. And iOS provides the possibility to use Phonyspy without some physical contact.

Set Up

Complete the set up process and start to track the online activity of the person you want. It’s easier than you can imagine!



Track the device & Find out all secrets hidden


Read messages

With Phonyspy you’ll have full access to the SMS on the targeted device. You can read both incoming and outgoing texting. By the way, the hidden and deleted ones can be watched too.

Track messengers

The spyware enables you to see all the activity via popular messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram etc.) Find out the most commonly used chats. Track the moment when a person deletes a message.

Track all used apps

You can see all the apps installed on the person’s device. Check the exact activity on each of them. See the reports concerning the duration of usage. The spyware will send all the info to your dashboard.

You can rely on us!

Smart pricing

Get the most important of tracking process! Choose among the great variety of features. It will let you have access to person’s phone for the low price. Phonyspy offers it’s product for affordable market cost.

Flash-like installation

It will take you 5 minutes of physical access to the Android device for the app to be placed. And iOS doesn’t require some contact with targeted gadgets.

Reliable customer support 24/7

We know how important the timely answer for your request is! So, we gathered the professional support team to keep in touch with you whenever you need.

Phonyspy pretends to be one of the best apps in the tracking apps world.

It was developed for the truth. Don’t waste time for nothing! Start to check it’s work right now!

Julliete Y.

“Each parental control app I’ve tried on was a real failure. The installation of one of them was even blocked! And I couldn`t receive my money back! But in the case of Phonyspy I don’t see some cons. The price was pleasant and the service was top level! Thanks! I’ll proceed to use it.”


Julliete Y.

USA, North Carolina

Jeal U.

“I seriously annoy my boyfriend. Maybe the reason is another woman? I’ll check it with any problem. Phonyspy has been installed on his cell phone for five days. And some susceptible things I`ve noticed already. Let’s wait some more time for their reveal!”


Jeal U.

USA, Michigan

Olly Marín

“The reason to use Phonyspy app was the son’s behavior. It was strange and unusual. Every morning he seems to be very annoying about everything that is going at home. I want to know more what he is doing all night long via his phone. The app will help me”


Olly Marín

Spain, Palencia

Bob Marrel

“I`ve been married for seven years. And everything was ok until my wife started to delay working late at night. I consider it unusual for her working dutes. So, I want to see if she doesn`t have any affairs with some coworker. Phonyspy is used for one week. And I had no proof yet. But I’ll get it? I’m sure”


Bob Marrel

USA, Massachusetts