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Phonyspy presents a unique improved version among the text message spy apps. Get the possibility to spy on text message income of the targeted person. The advanced spyware for monitoring any mobile device will satisfy the demand of even the most rigorous users. Try a text spy app right now!

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Features that SMS tracker app provides

History & Call recording

Get access to all calls made from/to your target device – call records and history are now always available for you.

Messengers monitoring

From now on you can monitor all of the most popular messengers – Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, FB Messenger, Skype, and others.

Sms monitoring

The feature allows access to any SMS of the target device - sent, received, or even deleted ones. Spy on text message in anonymous mode.

Photos & Videos monitoring

Any photo or video captured on the target phone, any media file downloaded or received – you have access to all of them.

Browsers tracking

All content of the email box of the target device and the history of browsing is no longer secret for you.

Emails tracking

Track all the incoming and outcoming emails of the device. The spy tracker gathers the information and dispatches it to the dashboard.

GPS monitoring

The current location of your target device or the history of locations are now visible for you anytime you need.


Get the possibility to log everything that person types. This can include keystrokes and all the passwords.

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History & Call recording

History & Call recording

The spyware allows the user to monitor all the outcoming and incoming calls on the person’s cell phone. You can find out the time of call, its duration, and the status. All the data will be dispatched to your dashboard in tables and screenshots. The last one is made each 10 minutes in order not to miss something important.

Find out the hidden SMS tracker advantages

The app provides a good product that is competitive in the market.

It was developed following high-quality security system requirements. We learn more about the things you can get

Smart pricing

Get the most out of spying! Receive more than 20 unique features that will let you access a person’s phone fully. We’re the first to offer this amount of features for the average price.

The fastest installation

It takes max. 10 minutes to install and set up Phonyspy on Android. No jailbreak, no physical access to the device for iPhones! Get detailed instructions and quick help if needed!

Responsible support 24/7

Whether the problem is a technical issue or one that requires a more personalized touch, our customer support will strive to make it solved. Have any questions already? Ping us in chat!

How it works

Select a subscription plan

Select a subscription plan and register

Choose the proper subscription plan. Complete the payment process and wait for the detailed instructions.

Set up the application

Set up the application

You need to have physical access to the Android phone or the credentials for the iOS device (no need to place the app).

Set up the application

Track any info

Look through your Phonyspy account and get the report about all the necessary information.

Diana K.

“I’ve never used something like that before. This SMS tracker app seems to be the most useful purchase! It’s worth every penny. I can text messages on my boyfriend’s cell phone. He has no idea I do it! Why didn`t I use it before?”


Diana K.

USA, New York

Steven Ashley

“The idea to try this text spy product came suddenly after I saw a new suspicious name on the contact list of my wife. And it wasn’t for nothing. She has an affair. The Phonyspy SMS tracker app helped to find the truth.”


Steven Ashley

USA, Colorado

A. J.

“I’ve been using Phonyspy tracker app for two months and it is my essential part of the complacency. I know exactly that my husband has no affairs, as it was earlier. I can spy on text message volume on his phone. Now we try to build a trustworthy relationship, but I still hesitate about his fairness”


A. J.

Italy, Parma

Danny Cooper

“Something incredible I’ve got after this app installation! I couldn`t even imagine that such a great amount of information would be available. The text messages are sent to my dashboard every few minutes and I don’t miss anything from the girlfriend’s phone”


Danny Cooper

USA, Arizona

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Does the owner of the device needed have the possibility to know that I want to monitor his/her online activity?

Phonyspy is an app that can work in hidden mode. When the installation is completed on the Android device, you can remove the icon from the menu. For the iOS devices, the application placing isn`t needed, so, there won`t be any icon seen in the phone menu. So, the person whom you want to track for won’t know you are doing this.

How to spy on someone’s text messages without having their phone?

You can use the spyware text message on the iOS device. The user can get all the necessary texting information from the cell phone with the iPhone credential only. No need to have physical access.

Spy Text Messages. What’s the difference between iOS and Android?

Phonyspy can be used on both iOS and Android. The difference is that the iPhone gadget does not need physical access, the credentials are the only thing needed. And for the Android, you need to place the app on the device and make the setting changes according to the intervals needed.

Spy text messages using phone number. Is it possible?

No, there is no possibility to have access to the personal data on somebody’s phone with the phone number only. Spy text message apps allow access with the spyware installation or credential usage.

What about the safety of your text spy service?

We developed the app to read texts to have a secure system of the greatest quality. The process of cooperation with us is anonymous.