Calls recording & history

Any calls made from or to your target device will be recorded so you can listen to them any time you need or download chosen recording into your device as a media file.

SMS monitoring

This feature allows you to have access to all SMS of your target phone. You can read any incoming and outgoing SMS, and even the deleted ones are visible for you.

GPS tracking

The current location of your target device will be available for you to view any time you need. Moreover, the history of locations and movements are visible for you as well.

Messengers monitoring

From now on you have opportunity to monitor all of the most popular messengers – Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, FB Messenger, iMessage, Skype and others.

Photos & videos monitoring

You have access to all medial files of the target device – captured, downloaded, stored ones. Also, you can easily download chosen files any time you need.

Browsing & emails monitoring

This feature and its options not only will let you view browsing history, but also block any websites you want or see all bookmarks made by user of your target device. You will have a complete access to the emails (inbox, sent, deleted) as well.

Remote control

This feature allows you to lock the device; view and control the list of applications installed on your monitored device; view main info about device: Wi-Fi and Battery status, location, SIM-monitoring, etc.; block chosen phone numbers; and get the keywords alerts.

Calendar and Address book

Check the address book, contacts and calendar of your monitored device. Moreover, you can not only look through them, but also manage them as you need.


Choose the package, which includes all features you need.