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monitoring application

SpySpy application for monitoring of any mobile device will satisfy the demand of even the most rigorous customers.

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SpySpy application was created as powerful, effective and user-friendly mobile monitoring software, which would be the best solution for parents and business owners. This application is a huge set of functions and effective features yet so simple and pleasant to use.

  • History & Call recording
  • Location tracking
  • Messengers Monitoring
  • Media files monitoring
  • Remote control
  • SMS monitoring

What can PhonySpy do?

Here is the main it’s features

History & Call recording

Get access to all calls made from/to your target device – call records and history are now always available for you

Messengers monitoring

From now on you can monitor all of the most popular messengers – Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, FB Messenger, Skype and others

SMS monitoring

This feature allows to get access to any SMS of target device - sent, received or even deleted– it doesn’t matter.

Photos & Videos monitoring

Any photo or video captured on the target phone, any media file downloaded or received – you have access to all of them

Browsers & Emails tracking

All content of the email box of target device and the history of browsing are no longer secret for you.

GPS monitoring

The current location of your target device or the history of locations are now visible for you any time you need

Our Customers Say:

“As for business owners I think this mobile application is the best solution ever created! No more unconscientious employees and no data leaks!”
29, Businessman
“You know, since the emergence of SpySpy on the phones of my children I completely forgot about worries like ”where is my child” or “what are they doing online”. This application is must-have for modern parents.”
36, Mother
“I’m a mother of two teenagers who are using their phones 24/7. And I’m fully up to date what’s happening in their life. All this is possible within this single app but nevertheless very powerful and effective”
39, Housewife
“It’s been such a long time since I’ve had troubles with the business data leaks. This app is my savior!”
26, CEO


Choose the package, which includes all features you need.

The Best Monitoring Solution from PHONYSPY

PHONYSPY is a leading app which allows monitoring any mobile devices you want. We have rich experience and provide our services to users all over the world. Our main priority is clients’ satisfaction which motivates us to implement regular improvements to make our service better every day. We have high customer satisfaction rate – 95% and we are very proud that we have gained reputation of a reliable and trustworthy company in the market.

What PHONYSPY Is Useful for

Our customers have different purposes when they select PHONYSPY for their monitoring needs. Some of them are interested in our sms spy tool, others want to have GPS location tracking or the function of recording the phone call. We are able to satisfy any needs that our clients expect to receive when they come to us.
If you need to screen your child from unwanted communication online or to know with whom your kid chats all day long, we offer a spy text feature. Due to this tool you will be able to get access to all messages that your kid receives or sends. It allows reading instant text messages as well as chats on various social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp or Viber. That’s very comfortable since you get all opportunities for effective chat spying in one program.
If to spy on text messages is not enough and you want to protect your child from unwanted materials, PHONYSPY has an excellent solution. The remote control function allows taking over the target smartphone: blocking access to certain websites, deleting applications installed on the mobile device or even blocking the mobile phone at any minute. All these actions can be done remotely and your kid will not even understand what is happening.
These are only a few examples of features that you get using the service of PHONYSPY. Now let us introduce an extended list of features that we offer.

What PHONYSPY Can Perform

PHONYSPY offers a wide range of monitoring opportunities:

  • Manage Calls
    Keep track of all ingoing and outgoing phone calls. It is very useful if you want to block calls from bullies or to know your kid’s surroundings.
  • Sms Tracker
    This tool will help you read all sms text messages on the device. Now you will know everything that your son or daughter talks about with his or her peers.
  • Read Email
    Private correspondence via email is now also available. Read any emails you want at any time. You can even read the deleted emails.
  • GPS Location Tracking
    Know about every step that a user of a monitored phone makes. This function allows tracking the present location of the mobile device. You can also view all places that a user has visited during a day.
  • Text Message Spy
    Read all chats in Viber, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other instant messages application.
  • Internet Browser Control
    Manage the web browser. View websites that a user visits and even those that were deleted from the web browser history.
  • Remote Control
    Get full control over a target device. Block and unblock it at any time you want. Install and delete applications remotely.

Customer Support at PHONYSPY

PHONYSPY has friendly customer support. If you have any difficulties with our product or want to know more about its functions, contact us at any time comfortable for you. We work worldwide, so our customer support is available at any hour. Call us or send an email and you will receive the answer that very day. We also have a live chat available at our official website.

Our Guarantees

PHONYSPY cares about its clients and tries to provide the variety of monitoring solutions. So, whatever feature you are searching for, whether it’s text spy or call managing, you can find it here. We guarantee that you can ask for a refund within 2 weeks after the purchase. All your money will be paid back if you don’t like the program or if it doesn’t satisfy your expectations. Besides, we offer a free demo version of our software which will be available for three days. It does not have the full package of features, but you can see how the program works in general and test some simple monitoring abilities.